Monday, 11 March 2013

I wish Jesus Christ would return to earth to lecture Iain Duncan Smith on morality

Iain Duncan Smith claims to be a Christian. Don't laugh, dear reader(s). And he thinks he knows more about morality than the Archbishop of Canterbury. He probably thinks he knows more about morality than Jesus, and God too. Arrogant? Yeah, just a bit. The terrible truth is, he knows NOTHING about anything. He can't even do simple maths. There are two and half million people unemployed. There are millions on sickness benefits. There are millions stuck in part-time work and wanting full-time work. THERE ARE HALF A MILLION FUCKING JOB VACANCIES!!! Do you see the problem? / Rather than do something to create new jobs, Iain Duncan Smith wants to take money away from the poor. He also wants them to WORK FOR FREE - for big companies who can easily afford to employ people properly. WHERE IS THE FUCKING MORALITY IN THIS?! Iain Duncan Smith is either evil or stupid. Or both.

I can see trouble ahead, serious trouble. / Why would any poor person want to struggle with little food, live in a grotty bedsit, and work for free in a supermarket, when he or she could be in prison with three square meals a day, a television, plenty of drugs, and a guaranteed roof over his or her head?

David Cameron needs to find a pair of balls (or a soul) and he needs to sack Mr Duncan Smith. Yes, before things turn nasty. You've heard of the nasty party, dear reader(s). Well, how about the nasty poor people on the streets with NOTHING LEFT TO LOSE? I don't want to see that. I don't think any of us do. The government has got to do something to get the economy moving. And it has to accept that certain people need benefits and they need to be left in peace - at least until things pick up. Otherwise civilized life in Great Britain will collapse, and the barbarians will be at the gated communities.